We are ready to give back to our community.

A year ago, we started our eco-community project. It is not our intention to be isolated, but on the contrary, we know we are part of the natural and human ecosystem of the area. As such, we witness that the pandemic has altered our lifestyle. People have become aware of how nice it is to live close to nature; companies have adopted the remote work practice – this has led to a large influx of newcomers to the area.
It is our vision to create a space to include the newcomers. We are keen to announce that we consider ourselves part of the community. As such, we will contribute a percentage of our financial resources to help Santa Teresa adapt to contemporary times and regenerate the impact that development will inevitably produce.
We invite everyone to contact us to join in this initiative.
Follow the progress we are making through our sustainability and social-impact announcement page.


We are proud to put our grain of sand!